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About Us

Here at Mad Dog Guns, LLC we have strong beliefs about the Second Amendment to the Constitution, and since you’re here on our website you probably do too. The Second Amendment was put in place in order to allow We The People to feed ourselves, protect ourselves from those who mean to do us harm, and most importantly as a last line of defense against over-reaching tyrants both foreign and domestic.  It is our opinion here at Mad Dog Guns, LLC that all law-abiding citizens have the right to defend themselves.  We hope that you never have to, but believe that you have the right to.  We firmly believe it is better to be prepared than to be a victim.

Mad Dog Guns, LLC is a local, family owned and operated business.  How did we come up with the name?  Well, I (Matt) was sitting here trying to come up with something for a name.  I was talking to my wife (Diane) about it.  And I came up with several things that she didn’t like (Pew Pew for you, Pistol Envy, etc.) when I looked around and saw the dogs laying there enjoying a treat.  Matt And Diane (and the) Dogs – Mad Dog Guns was born!

We have several sons who help us out with inventory control, ordering, gophering, etc.  In exchange they get to see all the pretty guns and accessories as they go by.  Mad Dog Guns started off by finding special items that friends and family wanted.  We worked hard to locate exactly the right thing, scouring websites, gun shows, etc. to make it perfect!  Turns out it was fun, so now we are doing that for everybody!  We look forward to helping you find exactly what you want too!  Try our special orders section and tell us what we can find for you!